MakerBot Replicator Set-up

Once you have bought your MakerBot Replicator 3D printer and it has been delivered to you, you need to unpack your 3D printer, set it up and calibrate it ready for printing.

These videos guide you through setting up your brand new Makerbot Replicator 3D printer step by step. Watch these videos and follow the steps carefully. You should have your MakerBot Replicator up and 3D printing in no time.

Unboxing your MakerBot Replicator.

Calibrating your MakerBot Replicator.

Loading material for your MakerBot Replicator. If just need to load material then watch the video below for instructions.

Leveling the build platform of your MakerBot Replicator.

Downloading and setting up the print software for your MakerBot Replicator. You will need to visit to download the latest Replicator G software for your MakerBot Replicator and watch the video below for intructions


For gerneral maitenance of your MakerBot Replicator to keep it running smoothly, please watch the video below.

If you are having trouble setting up your MakerBot Replicator or you want further tips on 3D printing using your MakerBot please visit the MakerBot help pages

For other videos about the MakerBot Replicator go to our MakerBot Replicator Videos page.

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