Introduction to 3D Design/Modelling.

3D Design/Modelling covers not only CAD(computer aided design) Design/Modelling but also highly complex organic shapes for more creative applications. We specialise in some very special Design/Modelling tools and techniques for producing 3D CAD models from scan data to creating complex, free form organic shapes. Take a look at our 3D design tools.

Please contact us if you would like any more information on 3D Design/Modelling and don't forget to look at our 3D Scanning Software if you are interested in working with scan data.

What is 3D Design/Modelling?

Our definition of 3D Design/Modelling is creating a digital model, whether that is from scratch or from 3D scan data. There are many different 3D Design/Modelling tools out there but we specialise in Design/Modelling directly from scan data or using haptics and touch based organic Design/Modelling.

What is a Haptic device?

The PHANTOM Desktop and PHANTOM Omni haptic devices are true 3D interfaces with force feedback that enable designers and modellers to use their sense of touch to model with virtual clay just like real clay. Using a Haptic device means you can feel the model you are working with making it perfect for organic shapes.

What is 3D Design/Modelling used for?

3D models are used to create almost any object you can think of. More specific applications for the tools and service we provide include, industrial design, art, sculpture, character generation, special effects, jewellery, engineering and many more...
Please feel free to contact us if you would like further details or to see if 3D Design/Modelling can benefit you.

How much do 3D Design/Modelling tools cost?

To receive a quotation for any 3D Design/Modelling or 3D scan software please send us an email to with you requirements. Alternatively please call us +61 (0)3 9687 8638.

How much do 3D Design/Modelling services cost?

To receive a quotation for any 3D Design/Modelling or 3D scan post production please send us the details, including file size, file formats, deadline and tolerances, in an email to If you have any questions please call +61 (0)3 9687 8638.

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