Introduction to 3D Printing.

3D Printing is a process that can produce physical objects direct from 3-dimensional CAD data. The process works by ‘slicing’ the data geometry into many 2-dimensional cross section layers, and re-constructing them successively within the printer. When the part is fully developed it is removed from the printer and post processed to produce the finished part.

Anyone new to 3D printing (3DP) we are very excited for you because 3DP is the very exciting future of manufacturing; science fiction has become science fact. 3DP is the process of producing a physical model directly from its digital representation (CAD). In other words 3D printing allows you to create 3D solid objects (as if by magic) sent directly from your computer.

3D printing (3DP), rapid prototyping (RP), additive manufacturing (AM) or direct digital manufacturing (DDM), are common terms used to describe a group of processes and technologies based around the principles of digital additive manufacturing. Additive or layer manufacturing has opened up a new world for designers, engineers, artists, scientists and marketeers, allowing users to build parts faster, more accurately, with more freedom and diverse applications than ever before.

With our knowledge and understanding of 3D printing, we are able to provide 3D printer technologies that work for you, 3D printing services with quick turnaround and affordable prices and general advice on 3D printing.

How much does a 3D printer cost?

3D printers vary greatly in cost (starting at around $2,500) depending on the the technology, build materials available and size. The best way to receive a quotation is to contact us so that we can identify your requirements.

What materials are available?

We operate the 3DSystem's Vflash machine which produces very detailed parts in hard plastic. This material is similar to acrylic and is great for finishing, painting and can be glued to produce larger parts.

How big can I print a part?

Our 3D printer has a build size of 228 x 172 x 203mm. Producing parts outside these boundaries can be achieved by splitting the model into sections, printing them, and bonding these sections together.

How long does it take?

We operate one of the fastest 3D printers on the market and pride ourselves on quick turnaround times. Specifying your deadline is one of the best ways for us to prioritise your work and deliver for a time suited to you.

How much does it cost to print a 3D model?

We charge for models based on the amount of material used. For data that is unprintable there may be an additional charge for the time spent fixing files. The best way to receive a quotation is to email us so that we can identify your requirements.

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