SD Card reader errors

Firstly we need to ensure it is not the SD card so we will need to try an alternative SD card of 2 Gb or smaller that has been formatted to FAT or FAT16. If a second card does not work then it could be a connection issue.

The SD card reader is mounted onto a small motherboard with the LCD display so we would like you to check the connections to this board to make sure it is not a connection issue. We want to make sure it is not something simple like a loose connection which could have happened with the travel.

  1. Remove the front pvc panel of the machine
  2. You can see a ribbon cable which is connected to the base of the front control panel unit.
  3. Make sure this is firmly seated and pushed into place.
  4. Next turn the machine off and turn it onto its side or back. Be gentle with it and make sure the gantry does not slide quickly and bang into the side or back.
  5. You will need to unscrew the hex bolts holding the metal motherboard cover in place and remove this cover.
  6. Now check the connection of the ribbon cable onto the man motherboard. Ensure it is firmly pushed into its connector.

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